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The Corporate Advisors plays a crucial role in the listing process on PROSPECTS and is responsible to ensure that the company achieves the appropriate standards of corporate governance and transparency. The Corporate Advisor will also assist with applying for admission to Prospects through the completion of the relevant application forms, business plans, and other disclosure documents as required by the Rules. https://borzamalta.com.mt/ProspectsMTF/Documents/Prospects_rules.pdf

In the pre-application phase:

Due diligence on the company, its shareholders and key management personnel is performed. The first level due diligence covers the areas of General Corporate and Legal information, capital structure, management and corporate governance, industry and business overview – market, competition, differentiators among other areas.

With the help of Company write ups, published documents, annual reports and other documents, discussions with the management team of the company will follow, in order to assess management and operational capabilities, business nature of the company, Corporate Governance compliances and areas of risk relating to the industry as well as specific to the company.

Due diligence on the company, its shareholders and key management personnel is performed

Subsequently we provide advice and support for the elaboration of the business plan and the application process and guide the company as to the management structure and financing options, whilst ensuring that the company satisfies all eligibility requirements

Finally, we assist the company in preparing accounting and other disclosure information as required by the Rules and – if an IPO is involved – in entering into agreements with intermediaries for the valuation and determination of the issue price and for the definition of the information flows and operative processes necessary for the negotiation and settlement of the trades in listed financial instruments.


In the Application phase, the Corporate Advisor needs to ensure that the process is fully understood by the shareholders, the directors and the operative management, and that all relevant details are fully disclosed in a clear, unequivocal manner

The Corporate Advisor will ensure that directors of the applicant company understand their responsibilities and obligations and therefore can be relied upon to prepare and publish all requisite information within their knowledge (or which it would be reasonable for them to obtain);

The Corporate Advisor will receive assurance that applicants have procedures to ensure compliance and disclosure, where required obtaining written confirmation from the Applicant’s Directors that the Applicant has established procedures towards enabling them to make complete and accurate due disclosures in the Admission Document as required under the Rules;

The Corporate Advisor will complete admission documents and associated checklists, will co-sign the final application and submit it to the MSE


The Corporate Advisor will maintain contractual services agreements for the period during which it serves as Corporate Advisor, (changes to this agreement shall be notified to the client company and the MSE immediately);

The Corporate Advisor will retain capacity as an independent advisor and complete confidentiality between the service teams and documentation related to Prospects client companies on one hand, and other services provided by the same Advisor’s organisation or group of companies to other Prospects clients on the other hand;

The Corporate Advisor will retain its independence from its Prospects client companies, free of any conflicts of interest, honouring its duty of care to the MSE to protect the reputation of the marketplace (changes to this independence shall be notified to the Prospects Company and the MSE immediately);

Listing on PROSPECTS is a matter of great pride and honour for any SME, involving greater responsibility and accountability towards the various stakeholders

The Corporate Advisor will regularly interact with MSE and therefore with the market, advise and disclose as required by the Rules of Prospects


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