The European SME sector is growing at an exceptionally fast pace and has truly become the backbone of the GDP growth. The role of SMEs in employment creation, innovation, and furthering an entrepreneurial spirit has been crucial in fostering competitiveness in the economy and boosting inclusive growth, creating local demand and consumption and is the fountain head of several innovations, especially in the manufacturing and service sectors.

SMEs are expected to drive the next-level growth of the European economy provided they have enabling platforms and avenues including capital markets.

Limited capital market financing for SMEs and a heavy reliance on bank lending (particularly the case in certain economies within Europe) has made small companies vulnerable to banking system dynamics, with constrained access to lending arising in times of financial stress.


Demetra Corporate Advisors, founded by a set of professionals including Dr Maurizio Cohen (Click here for CV) and Dr Fulvio Degrassi (Click here for CV) is your partner towards listing on PROSPECTS.

Demetra Corporate Advisors is run by a team of professionals comprising MBAs, CFAs, CSs, CAs, CWAs, Lawyers and other specialists.

The network and team members have expertise in their specific domain knowledge, ranging from management consulting to IT and bio engineering, along with the skills of all service areas being offered to various clients. This, in turn, helps us deliver our client the services catering to their urgent and specific need coupled with a focus on macro issues.